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Since my high school days (long time), I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a fun radiant pop of color. I’ve always had this urge to dye my hair a pink or ruby red color, but I never was able to take the risk and go beyond my usual hair colors, which are brown and blonde tones. As time went on, my risk-taking thermometer dropped. However, my cleverness and creativity thermometer rose! With a little help from extensions and Schwarzkopf® got2b® Metallic hair color, I was able to make my pink ruby red hair color dreams come true this summer.

Going back to the lack of riskiness, there were a couple of reasons that prevented me from just going for it. One, I wasn’t sure if the vibrant hair color would be day-to-day practicality for me. I was uncertain about a fun hair color going with my daily wardrobe and was worried it would just be a short-term phase – something I’d get over after a week. Two, I have fine hair! I can’t dye it and get as hair color creative as much as someone with thicker hair. I feel that someone with fine hair has to think twice!

It could be the summer boldness kicking in, but I wanted to do something a little more fun and colorful. I figured since I’m unwilling to dye my own hair, why not dye my hair extensions?! This is my solution for reasons one and two! I dyed my hair extensions using Schwarzkopf® got2b® Dark Ruby, which I picked up conveniently at Target. It’s a permanent hair dye that lasts and is formulated with metallic-shine booster for cool, shimmering tones. The Dark Ruby is such a radiant color! It grabbed nicely onto my blonde extensions and it was as easy as 1-2-3 to apply. I was so so happy with the result and finally able to step out of the norm and do something riskyyy with my hair.

I created a ponytail look by clipping on my extensions to create an effortlessly pretty hair-braid. I added my hat to give it even more edge and voila! I get to rock some radiant hair color whenever I like and whenever I want to change up my looks. Who says summer festivals are the only time to get hair creative?

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