The wedding bells are ringing for me to start my wedding planning! I was engaged over the Summer (6 months ago). Honestly, I’ve just been enjoying being engaged and really embracing it. Plus, I love referring Mike as my fianc√© (so fancy)! Now, as we entered a new year, I feel like that time has come, for the wedding planning to begin.

I’ve started, here and there, to save images on Instagram to get ideas of cakes, dresses, table set-ups and more. While all that is very helpful in my planning, I felt like I needed something more to spark me in this journey of planning for my wedding. As unbelievably excited I am to marry Mike (I would marry him today if I can), I think I’m just a little nervous about the whole planning part of it. I really want this to be just right and don’t want it to be a stressful thing at all. I’m well aware that there will be those not-so perfect days (as I’ve seen on t.v. and from other people…that’s just life). Overall, I can only hope the wedding planning journey will be fun and smooth! I know, I know I have to start by figuring out exactly what kind of wedding I want (including the place and time ) – I’m getting there! However, the very first thing on my list – was to spark my inspiration by using more of my senses other than just saving photos on IG. I went in-store to David’s Bridal to ignite it!

When I think of David’s Bridal, I think of that classic place to go to for an in-store experience. I went in there, not knowing what to expect, just with the mission to get inspired by seeing, touching, feeling, and smelling all things wedding. The reason for my visit was to check out mainly their accessories, and have a browse through their store, and simply curiosity! The moment I stepped in, I was greeted by their host and welcomed with open arms. I was amazed by how amazing their customer service was. The person who was assisting me was super friendly and helpful. I asked questions and she was good to reply and educate me on some things. I also overheard conversations with other guests and their store reps, they were also providing very good service to them, from what I was able to hear. As for their store, it was more spacious than what I had imagined. It was neat and easy to browse through their accessories and dresses.

While I didn’t try on any dresses, I had so much fun playing dress up with their accessories. I tried on diamond tiaras, veils, and earrings. This was so refreshing and something I needed to boost my wedding planning energy! I was super inspired by David’s Bridal and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. I may have to go back for their bridal denim jackets!

I’m excited for this chapter in my life and now fully ready to begin wedding planning from my shoe details to the venue!

This post is sponsored by David’s Bridal, all opinions are my own.

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