Christmas holiday is right around the corner, literally at a blink of an eye, it will appear! For me, it’s very easy to shop for the women in my life. When it comes to men, I find it a little more challenging.

I’ve come to realize that men really do like to keep it simple and practical. While us women may be a little more lavish and quite the opposite with our “wish-list,” men wish for everyday essentials. A gift idea and something that makes a perfect stocking stuffer is the Gillette limited edition gift pack. Grooming is an essential for them and this pack is sleek and stylish, making the gift even more exciting!

Included in the pack, is a high-quality matte black razor. It comes with a chrome razor stand (so necessary). Fusion ProShield includes an all-black FlexBall feature, making for an even sleeker monochromatic look. This is priced at only $19.99 and available at your local Rite Aid.

I gifted Mike this pack as an early Christmas gift. We will be going to Australia this year for the holiday and I knew this would be something he can get good use of and a must-have to pack for the trip. First thing Mike said was, “Ahh I needed this!” Personally, I find more satisfaction in “I needed this” than “I wanted that!”

This post is sponsored by Gillette. All opinions are my own.

I’ve created a gift guide of more gift ideas for the men in your life, without breaking the bank. Things that they may need and love!

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