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Born n’ raised in Cali, I’m forever a California girl! Ugg footwear suits my fashion and lifestyle both in the city or near the beach during Autumn and Winter days.

I’ve always owned a pair of Ugg classics but lately I’ve been eyeing their newer funkier styles. I’m seeing so much more versatility in their footwear and I’m digging it! I got a little more daring and got their fluffy slides – so cute!! I’m actually wearing them now!

When it comes to styling Ugg footwear (Cali Style), where it’s not too cold but cold enough to keep my feet warm and stylish, I normally style them with less clothing layers and lighter pieces. A light jacket or sweater (without a jacket) is as layer-y as I’ll get. Unless of course, it’s raining out (different story); however, the odds of rain where I’m from, is not really a typical day. A typical Autumn-Winter Cali day, looks something like my 2 looks I styled wearing my two different UGG shoes (the classic boot, and the funky slide).

For the classic boot, I wore a flower print dress for a day-date with Mike in Venice Beach. I find myself to be more of a day-date kinda girl than date-night…anyone else like this? Must be the pretty sunsets I get to catch and the fashion is more visible. Ok going off track, I just felt right in this look going out for lunch. We also walked along the beach. Mixing fun lively colors with a chestnut classic UGG boot, made for a look where I felt fashion-forward yet cozy enough.

For the funky furry slides, I paired dark denim jeans with a magenta toned sweater. It was around evening hour and a little more cooler so an off the shoulder sweater, made me feel cozy yet sexy for a movie outing. I like to keep it more casual-chic for a movie date, so I went less dressy and more simple, as the shoes were already a statement piece (It was pretty much the opposite of look 1). The slides have a hint of baby pink on them which I love so it paired perfectly with my darker outfit pieces.

I got my UGG styles from Zappos. They have so many style options and their free shipping is always so quick!

Which is your favorite UGG look? xx

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