This is my very first blog post on a movie and this excites me just as much as fashion, beauty, and travel. In fact, many of you may not know but I come from a performing arts background. I used to study acting/theatre/music (I was about that audition life when I first moved to LA), this is so up my alley and feels like home! Also, I’m loving the sound of LIVE LOVE WATCH IT! I’d love to do more of these…first movie up, London Fields.

I don’t want to give too much away (I mean I personally don’t like spoiler alerts), so I’ll keep it brief. London Fields is a thriller film about a beautiful woman, whom every man wants, but one man wants dead. This movie is based on  Martin Amis’ acclaimed novel and directed by Mathew Cullen.

All three men are pretty dangerous characters and under the spell of  Nicola Six, played by Amber Heard. I think she is gorgeous, so this role fits her naturally. It’s also one of my favorite roles I’ve seen her in, as of yet. She plays innocent yet sultry so well, and brings vibrance and style to the cinematography. Another lead in this is Billy Bob Thorton, who plays a terminally ill writer who has suffered from writers block for 20 years. This role is slightly differen from all the other roles we’re used to seeing him play. He still has that dry humor thing going; however, I saw more of a dramatic side to him. The rest of the cast includes: Jim Sturgess, Theo James, Cara Delevingne, Jaimie Alexander, and Johnny Depp…yes, Johnny Depp is in it!

What I loved about the movie was the tone and aesthetics. I also loved that I actually didn’t know what was going to happen in the end. I normally can predict the endings of movies, but this one had an interesting twist. Big screen movies are so fun, however, I also looove smaller/indie films. They’re so interesting to watch, the stories are creative (they’re not your traditional Hollywood style movies), and I just have an appreciation for them. I personally love to discover and hear about these movies. If you’re into this style of film, are a fan of the cast, and looking for something new to watch on movie night, this is one to check out! If you do, I’d love to hear what you thought of the film! xx

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