A smile is the first thing I notice before an outfit. Unless, of course, they’re not smiling! So to give you a little something to smile about, I’m going to share how to achieve a brighter, whiter smile…from home!

As for me, I’ve been smiling lots more thanks to Smile Brilliant…I mean, I got some pearly whites going on!

The best part of it all – I get to whiten my teeth like a pro from home + for a lot less! This treatment would originally cost you about $500 or more at the dentist’s office. I work a lot from my home office so whitening my teeth during my afternoon break is super convenient. I also love that I can easily pack it in my handbag for when I will be out and about or traveling!

Now, I love coffee a little too much – like most of the population probably does! This causes me some discoloration on the teeth. So when I have a special occasion coming up, I start the application process to solve the prob in no time! You can see the results from using Smile Brilliant within a few days – love it!

On the downside: I have very very sensitive teeth. For that matter, I whiten my teeth on special occasions.

On the upside: For my fellow sensitive ones, Smile Brilliant offers a desensitizing gel which helps with sensitivity. You can read more on tooth sensitivity – here.

Out of all the whitening products I have ever used, this has been the most comfortable and the most effective! I would definitely recommend this product and give it a go! The application steps are super simple + you also get your own custom trays (which is the only extra step that you take once, to begin the process of whitening) So worth it! You can learn more in this article about the different at-home whitening products and which is best fitted!

You can view a video on how to whiten you teeth from home: here.

Here’s something more to smile for:

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**You also have a chance to win a whitening kit of your own!**

Prize: $139.95 store credit: Enter  GIVEAWAY!!

This giveaway is open to both U.S. and International readers (however, international are responsible for shipping payment when sending impressions back) and is open for two weeks.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the results and let me know how yours go!

Lets not forget about our teeth and keep smiling! 🙂

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